Top Hen Do Activities

Need some activities to keep you busy during the day? We've tons of ideas - from the classy and sophisticated to the energetic and adventurous!


Need some sweet ideas for the hen party? Look no further, as below we look into some of the most popular activities we offer. From classy and sophisticated, to energetic, indulgent and a little bit naughty - we've activities for hens of all ages and tastes. Below are just are top ideas, but if you feel there's anything that ought to be on the list then we'd love to know!

Spa & Pampering

With the party atmosphere in the air and good times taking centre stage, you're going to need to recoup and rejuvenate at some point. A spa day, accompanied by a full range of pampering experiences, will compliment the weekend perfectly. We've locations all across the UK where you and the girls can get pampered. From a complete all-day experience to facials, manicures and pedicures we'll make sure you're well attended. This is a great way to add a touch of luxury to weekend of celebration as well as getting some much needed down time.

Cocktail Making

Add a twist of excitement to your weekend with a cocktail making experience. A fun-loving bar tender will be at your service to show you how to mix your favourite cocktails. You'll also get to make your own and, most importantly, drink them - the event which packs a punch. Always a popular choice on a hen weekend as it balances the perfect combination of doing an activity mixed with a measured, and justified, rate of alcohol consumption. This is always a giggle and the mixologist knows how to show you a good time.

Nude Life Drawing

This is a thinly veiled excuse to see a naked hunk, for those who can't quite bring themselves to order a stripper you can see a gorgeous guy under the pretext of "artistic licence". Art is a wonderful thing which many things have hidden behind. You'll have a professional art teacher as well as a nude life subject, the teacher is generally to keep things in order and make sure nothing untoward happens... to the model. This is always an amusing activity often fuelled by laughter, usually out of excitement rather than directed at the male model.

Foreplay Lessons

These will enable you to show your guy that foreplay can be more than a grunt or two, with a few prods and nudges thrown in for good measure. A perfect pre-wedding experience for the bride-to-be will also be a giggle for the group. Educational as well as entertaining, who could ask for more? In the era of girl power these foreplay lessons allows the power to be firmly placed into the female's hands once more. The ideal start for any woman getting married, consider it a statement of intent.

Burlesque Dancing

Learn the seductive art of burlesque; it's more sophisticated and empowering than Demi Moore's performances in Striptease, which some might say isn't that difficult. The classes don’t require any nudity as burlesque is all about the state of mind and how the dancer portrays her power as a woman. Your instructor will teach you about the concept of burlesque and show you some exciting tricks and moves. This dance form is meant to be sexy, sensual and seductive whilst all the while giving the performer confidence in herself. This is a wonderful class which is also hugely entertaining for the entire group.

Party Boat

There cannot be a better way than to start your evening on a party boat with a few antics thrown in for your personal enjoyment. You can experience anything from an all out booze cruises to a meal with an after party or even an on-board strip show. Pick your perfect beginning as you begin your night. This is a great way to see a different side to your destination as you cruise along in the water. It's also a completely different experience than your standard night, an ideal choice on a one-off event like a hen do.

Dirty Dancing

Have the time of your life with this Dirty Dancing inspired activity. You and the girls will have bags of laughs as you dance to music from this movie classic. Keep your fingers crossed that you bag a heart-throb teacher like Patrick Swayze; you can show him your hungry eyes. The Dirty Dancing experience is always a fantastic ball and your instructor will always insure you have the best of times. By the end of your 90 minute session you’ll have a routine to go with any one of your favourite songs from the film!

Pole Dancing

The art of moving up and down a pole is often underestimated; it takes coordination, skill and timing. It also requires a physical element and a certain amount of flexibility. Any guy will tell you there's nothing sexier than a girl who knows how to work a pole. Having said that it's probably not the qualities he's looking for in a girl he's about to marry, which makes this a brilliant surprise. The bride-to-be will be met by her husband with a perfect mix of shock and excitement upon his face. The pole dancing lessons are perfect for those looking to learn a few new tricks.

Chocolate Making

A truly self-indulgent idea if we've ever heard of one. A brilliant idea for any and all chocolate lovers, we don't know many hen groups who don’t fall into this category. Learn the intricacies of chocolate making as you pick up tips from a master chocolatier. A fantastic experience from beginning to end, your senses will be engulfed by waves of chocolate throughout the course off the activity. With the use of a wide variety of ingredients you'll be able to make delicious, personalised chocolates which you can then scoff at the end. Share them around and taste each other's handy work to see who's made the best ones.


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