London Hen Night Ideas

One of the world's most famous and easily Europe's largest, richest and most densely populated of cities; London really is in a league of its own when it comes to both the quality and quantity of things you could do on a hen night.

With red buses, black cabs and world-famous landmarks littering the prestigious streets all around our 620m² capital city - the Royal family's place of residence is fit for anything or anyone - and sits proudly at the top of any classy hen party ideas list.

With 12% of the UK's entire population and a disproportionately large amount of its wealth to suit, London is home to the most lavish entourage of playboys, bigwigs, fat cats and celebrities... and provides an unimaginably colossal playground in which to splash that cash! Although purse-punishingly plush in some areas, London hen weekends can be arranged and organised to fit almost any ideas lists, tastes and budgets - it's what you make of it!

Did you know.... The London Eye has 32 pods - one for every borough in the city. From inside one, the fantastic view of capital city spans the world's favourite Art Museum, Europe's busiest shopping street - and Wembley Stadium - England's premier sporting venue.

What would you like to do on a hen weekend in London?

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The earliest game of poker on record took place in the 1900s, in Texas of course! Using the same 52 card deck as back then, there are 2,598,960 possible hands! to find deals!


With an 11 carat diamond ring in the glass and two free security guards as you drink it; London's 'Flawless' is the world's most expensive cocktail at a cool Ł35,000. to find deals!

Cocktail Making

So I talked to my psychiatrist the other day and he said 'I think you're going crazy' - I said I'd like a second opinion, he said 'OK, you're ugly too'. to find deals!

Comedy Club

A male ballet dancer will lift around 1.5 tonnes during a performance, whilst a female dancer will get through around 150 pairs of pointe shoes each year! to find deals!


For 'providing an entirely new way for people to learn to tolerate each other' Japan's Daisuke Inoue was awarded the Ig Nobel Peace Prize for his 1971 invention of Karaoke! to find deals!


The world's first ever DJ was too young to go out, but 16 year old Ray Newby of California still rocked out the records on his spark transmitter for fellow students in 1909. to find deals!


Heavily denied for many years, former prime minister's wife Cherie Blair posed naked for Britain's most famous nude painter Euan Uglow. His untimely death meant it was never finished... thankfully! to find deals!

Nude Life Drawing

'Posh' apparently originated as an acronym of 'Portside Out, Starboard Home' - applied to the rich folk able to afford the sunshine both on the way out and the way back of boat trips. to find deals!

Party Boat

3rd century Emperor, Caracalla, was so impressed by Germany's Baden Baden springs he credited them with curing his arthritis, and had his own baths built on his return to Rome. to find deals!

Spa & Pamper

90% of metal detector owners start out hunting coins, and they aren't just Tony Robinson Time Team types - 30% are female and the number's rising! to find deals!

Treasure Hunt

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Swedish pop stars Abba won the Eurovision song content in 1974 by performing Waterloo at the Brighton Dome. More impressive was somehow the UK managed to finish 4th! for more information


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