Chocolate Making Hen Party

Chocolate. Sweet, delightful and yummy tastiness; who doesn't love a charming chunk of choccy from time to time? Chilling out or chewing your face off, the gooey goodness of chomping some chocolate is an essential part of our daily routine - and the importance is not to be overlooked. Tongue-tantalisingly tasty and lip-lickingly luscious, those brilliant beans have put a smile on billions of faces since the fantastically creamy discovery of how best to utilise them. From body butters to fruit and nutters, the varied uses of cacao stretch way beyond sweet treats and romantic feats. Releasing an explosion of endorphins to rival the most exciting of activities, the effect of chocolate on the body delves much deeper than simply stimulated tastebuds. While French doctors used to prescribe a few chunks of chocolate for sick women, traces of theobromine including caffeine and magnesium have highlighted that the sweet, creamy treat can in fact be addictive! Sshh...

Did you know.... 'Stressed' is not a word the Belgians are used to... more likely if you flip it round - it spells 'Desserts'! With a population of 11m, 1 in 200 Belgians are involved in chocolate making.

Chocolate Making destinations in the UK...

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