Cambridge Hen Night Ideas

Home to one of the world's finest universities and some of Britain's brainiest ever boffins; the historical city of Cambridge has seen the unravelling of many a magic and mysterious scientific theory over a few thousand years now. From being grounded by Isaac Newton's discovery of gravity to the unorthodox guesstimations of how DNA is structured - the home city of super-genius Stephen Hawking has been a recognised black hole of knowledge and intelligence for well over half a millennium now.

Outside of the incredible studies in the city where electrons and neutrons were first charged with existence, the people of Cambridge certainly know how to let their hair down and enjoy a good celebration. With stunning architecture and many miles of beautiful landscapes decorated by classy restaurants, designer shops and an atmospheric nightlife packed full of sophisticated shindigs - you and the girls would be making an educated choice by choosing Cambridge as your host, guaranteeing an unforgettable hen night!

Did you know.... According to old folklore, Cambridge University started life in 1209 when a fed up bunch of Oxford students fled the city and escaped the hostile townspeople - setting up a rival to both the studies and of course the rowing clubs!

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With an 11 carat diamond ring in the glass and two free security guards as you drink it; London's 'Flawless' is the world's most expensive cocktail at a cool Ł35,000. to find deals!

Cocktail Making

The world's first ever DJ was too young to go out, but 16 year old Ray Newby of California still rocked out the records on his spark transmitter for fellow students in 1909. to find deals!


Heavily denied for many years, former prime minister's wife Cherie Blair posed naked for Britain's most famous nude painter Euan Uglow. His untimely death meant it was never finished... thankfully! to find deals!

Nude Life Drawing

3rd century Emperor, Caracalla, was so impressed by Germany's Baden Baden springs he credited them with curing his arthritis, and had his own baths built on his return to Rome. to find deals!

Spa & Pamper

90% of metal detector owners start out hunting coins, and they aren't just Tony Robinson Time Team types - 30% are female and the number's rising! to find deals!

Treasure Hunt

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