Birmingham Hen Night Ideas

Hen dos in Birmingham are a rather broad term to jot down easily on your ideas list, as with such an overwhelming array of choice comes great diversity in possibility - and the city of the Brums can put a nice big tick in all the boxes for almost any kind of weekend celebration. Even with 30 other Birminghams dotted around the globe - and even on the moon, the original is of course still the best.

With a quite contradictory reputation, the home of the Mini has often been referred to as a concrete jungle and the industrial capital of the country - but is surprisingly also one of the greenest cities in Europe. With such lavish lushness comes a great need for water - and it doesn't come much bigger than 'The River' AKA The Floozy in the Jacuzzi, which remains one of the biggest water fountains found anywhere in Europe and can pump over 3,000 gallons per minute. Crikey! 

Did you know.... George and Richard Cadbury first started producing tea and drinking chocolate in Bull Street in 1824, before moving down the road to Bournville in 1879 where Dairy Milk was eventually launched in 1905!

What would you like to do on a hen weekend in Birmingham?

Some ladies want the personal touch, something a little more tailored - well we do that too! Click here to build a Birmingham hen party package (including incredible accommodation if you so desire) that's perfect, for you and the girls!

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The earliest game of poker on record took place in the 1900s, in Texas of course! Using the same 52 card deck as back then, there are 2,598,960 possible hands! to find deals!


With an 11 carat diamond ring in the glass and two free security guards as you drink it; London's 'Flawless' is the world's most expensive cocktail at a cool Ł35,000. to find deals!

Cocktail Making

So I talked to my psychiatrist the other day and he said 'I think you're going crazy' - I said I'd like a second opinion, he said 'OK, you're ugly too'. to find deals!

Comedy Club

A male ballet dancer will lift around 1.5 tonnes during a performance, whilst a female dancer will get through around 150 pairs of pointe shoes each year! to find deals!


Not without criticism or complaints, It's a Knockout came under fire once or twice - most notably for its extravagant uses of water and the OAP distressing Piano Smashing rounds! Brilliant. to find deals!

It's A Knockout

For 'providing an entirely new way for people to learn to tolerate each other' Japan's Daisuke Inoue was awarded the Ig Nobel Peace Prize for his 1971 invention of Karaoke! to find deals!


Ed Razek described difficulty in finding a Victoria's Secret Model - 'Only 140 women have ever walked that runway, and with 3.5billion on the planet - it's not 1 in a million, it's 1 in 25million' to find deals!

Model Makeover

The world's first ever DJ was too young to go out, but 16 year old Ray Newby of California still rocked out the records on his spark transmitter for fellow students in 1909. to find deals!


Heavily denied for many years, former prime minister's wife Cherie Blair posed naked for Britain's most famous nude painter Euan Uglow. His untimely death meant it was never finished... thankfully! to find deals!

Nude Life Drawing

Bing Crosby's 1942 hit White Christmas is the highest selling single ever with over 50 million copies - while Elton John, Katy Perry & Lady GaGa are amongst the highest combined top sellers. to find deals!

Record a Pop Song

3rd century Emperor, Caracalla, was so impressed by Germany's Baden Baden springs he credited them with curing his arthritis, and had his own baths built on his return to Rome. to find deals!

Spa & Pamper

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