Best UK Hen Destinations 2013

Find out what's hot and what's not in the UK at the moment. City break or a weekend by the seaside? Take a look before making your decision.


1. Brighton

Widely regarded as the birthplace of bedlam in the south! Brighton is a relatively new city which has a strong bohemian influence and as a result is more diverse than a box of Liquorice Allsorts. Whilst on the subject of confectionary, many women have been known to fall for the charms of Brighton and ended up with a bit of Brighton Rock. The locals are as crazy as they come, in a fantastically entertaining way, and because of this any fun-loving hen groups fit right in. During the day The Lanes, a mazy area of winding streets and passageways, is the perfect place to explore with the girls. Here you’ll find a number of small boutiques, speciality shops and restaurants that are great to see and experience.

2. London

Our capital city is a great place for a hen weekend, with so many different things going on all the time across the city you can have a fantastic time. The locals know how to have a laugh too; after all these are the people who elected Boris Johnson as their mayor. Chelsea used to be a popular stomping ground for Prince Harry, apparently that has changed in recent times - he currently likes a more varied spread. If you bump into his royal highness (that’s his title not his hobby), one of your party might be lucky enough to trigger a second royal wedding. Apparently he likes the party-girl type so be sure to get your groove on. When in London why not try the Circle Line Pub Crawl? Its 27 stops, 27 pubs - each stop you get out and find the nearest watering hole. It's a completely different way to see London and one which is hugely entertaining - the journey gets harder the further you go. Alternatively you could be sensible and see the main sights such as Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace.

3. Bath

For those after a more sophisticated weekend away then Bath is a wonderful destination. Despite its name the city is not popular with the great unwashed; instead the spa city of the UK radiates elegance and refinement with Georgian architecture taking precedence across the city. When in Bath you simply have to go to the Thermae Bath Spa, it is a wonderful spa with sensational facilities. There’s even a roof top pool which looks over the city. In the evening there are some great restaurants and evening entertainment certainly isn't hard to find.

4. Manchester

The second city of the UK has lots to offer. With two top football teams, those who are looking to snag a rich husband have double the chance here! Aside from minted footballers though, Manchester is also a great place to come to for a laugh on a hen do. The Northern Quarter is a fantastic area to be in during the day and night, as is Princess Street and the surrounding area. It is well known for being an amazing centre of hedonism. The title of Madchester was not given lightly!

5. Liverpool

Scousers' love of alcohol and constant desire for getting legless is intoxicating. Those Liverpudlians have a notorious reputation, they love to go out and have a great time. They are a crazy bunch and this is mirrored in their nights out. A hen weekend here won't disappoint and, despite Harry Enfield's sketches, Scousers really tell each other to calm down... in fact it appears that the exact opposite is actually the case. When in Liverpool you have to visit the Cavern Club, it's where the Beatles famously started out and is still a fun place to visit. During the day you may want to walk around the Liverpool ONE complex, it is an impressive area complete with shops, restaurants and leisure pursuits.

6. Newcastle

Geordie Shore makes the real Newcastle look like a relaxing a night in Bognor's town hall. If Newcastle had the capacity for a middle name it would be 'debauchery'. The nightlife here is as raucous as it is exciting. A hen weekend here would be the party to end all parties - the perfect send off for a party animal who is getting married. With such a wild nightlife, the days tend to be dedicated to recovery - but for those who do want to venture out there is a lot to see and lots to do. Shopping is great here and a leisurely boat trip on the River Tyne is always recommended. If the weather is nice, a trip to the Tynemouth's beaches is absolutely essential. It is an amazing area and is perfect for chilling out during the day.

7. Bournemouth

Bournemouth used to be known as an elderly-ridden town, it has since shed that stigma, with vigour. The influx of students and surfers has seen to that, creating a more bohemian air. As a result it has since become a bit of a Mecca for hen weekends in recent times. With a banging nightlife and great beaches it offers the perfect combination of day and night activities. The golden beaches of Bournemouth stretch for 7 award-winning miles. The whole area is blessed with its own micro-climate gifting some of the warmest waters in the UK. The nightlife is all centrally located and consequently ludicrously convenient for a hen do.

8. York

Whilst some believe that York is most famous for the Grand Old Duke of York... the one who had ten thousand men, the city actually is far more important than most would think. Most interesting, especially for a hen weekend, it is the home of chocolate making in the UK. Whilst other cities were producing cotton, wool and steel, York was churning out the best chocolatiers in the country. Joseph Rowntree, Joseph Terry, George Cadbury Junior and Lewis Fry all learnt and began their trade in the city. It is also one of the most visited cities in the UK, often vying with Manchester for second position. And, notoriously, it gave its name to the city and state of New York in America.

9. Cambridge

Cambridge is probably most famous for its University and swotters in general, but that's not the whole story. The city isn't divided into two groups, one of studious geeks cycling to lectures and the other of lazy intellectuals punting on the River Cam donned with boater hats, quite the contrary. Whilst Cambridge is no Marbella it is the perfect destination for a sophisticated hen do. With gorgeous surroundings, a whole range of shopping pursuits, a great array of eateries and a decent night life scene there is more to Cambridge than meets the eye.

10. Edinburgh

The Scottish capital is a great destination for a hen weekend. Full of fun-loving Scots, you'll have a lot to sing about as its home to The Proclaimers, the Frankie Boyle look-a-like twins who sang 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)'. Edinburgh is well known for its festivities, with Hogmanay and the Edinburgh Festival dominating the winter and summer calendar. The famous Royal Mile leads all the way up to Edinburgh Castle, which takes pride of place above the city and can be seen for miles around. This city was voted the most desirable city to live in the UK, with great food and beautiful surroundings it's easy to see why.


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